B Light technology lights up the exterior of the church of Porza

B Light, leader in the production of LED luminaires, signs the lighting project for the Church of the ancient town of Porza.

B Light, leader in the production of LED luminaires, signs the lighting project for the Church of the ancient town of Porza, situated near the green hills surrounding Lugano, away from city traffic.

The Church, dedicated to the Saints Bernardino from Siena and Martino from Tours and located on a hill close to the town center, is immersed in intensed tranquility and offers a magnificent view. The baroque-neoclassical building small in size but with a strong impact, dates back to the 17th century and consists of a single nave. The bell tower, with its octagonal drum, is located on the western side of the building.

The lighting project designed and carried out by B Light has given the Church of Porza a new outlook, enhancing the architectural details of the building with non-invasive lighting to maintain the sacredness of the site.

The project involved the bell tower, the churchyard and the surrounding area enclosed by low walls to make the environment more secluded and created a place dedicated to welcoming the faithful.

The solemn atmosphere is emphasized by the wise use of the lighting elements, which give the environment an aura of sacredness, enhancing both architectural elements and transit areas.

The entrance of the church becomes dynamic and contemporary thanks to the geometric carpet created by the light of Inserto Medium DO - a linear drive over modular floor mounted recessed luminaire ‚Äď which has been masterfully used in this project; every detail has been taken into consideration: insertos (inserts) are installed asymmetrically in suitable lengths to leave the center passage free. The thickness of the tempered glass and the distance from the led source have been studied to provide uniform light to the surface, framing the entrance and guiding the faithful to the portal.

The outdoor arrangement, an alternation of trees and benches, is illuminated by BUTTON 100 DO (√ė 95 mm) which was specifically installed under the benches due to it‚Äôs (its) anti glare property.

Available also in the versions BUTTON 50 DO (√ė 55 mm) and BUTTON 200 DO (√ė 193 mm), this luminaire is ideal for creative designers. By studying its positioning it can transform the environment into a dynamic game of lights that can delineate paths. In this project the use of BUTTON 100 DO has been calibrated and moderated to maintain the sober and solemn aura of the external environment, using two luminaires placed under each bench.

The trees have been illuminated with MEROPE 140 AD, an outdoor floor mounted recessed luminaire with light inclination adjustable from 0¬į to 20¬į, which illuminates the object from the bottom and integrates it with harmony into the environment. 

The bell tower of the small church has been embellished with LINEAR TUBE 112 SLIM. This luminaire is able to distribute uniform light on the entire surface. Available with color temperature ranging from 2700K to 4000K, it can also provide various light modulations depending on the desired atmosphere.

B LIGHT has achieved the project‚Äôs goal: to give a modern light to the exterior of the Church of Porza without compromizing (compromising) its solemn atmosphere. The pure and essential shapes of the luminaires have allowed perfect integration with the environment, enhancing the architectural and outdoor elements of the site.   

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