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New Lighting Solution


Hard handball hall project by Zumtobel Group Services

Austrian handball stars hit the heights with the best light for the next ten years with Zumtobel Group.

Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) is using the comprehensive NOW service offer in cooperation with the Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG (VKW) energy supplier to take care of all issues related to lighting at the Sporthalle am See. The ten-year light-contracting agreement includes modernisation of the lighting solution, regular maintenance work and optimisation of the complete system ‚Äď all from a single source and without the burden of high investment costs.

The sports hall in the town of Hard on the shores of Lake Constance is a training centre and match venue for the men's team from Hard Handball Club. Visitors to the impressive 2700-square-metre arena, which is managed by the Harder Sport- und Freizeitanlagen BetriebsgesmbH (Hard sport and recreational facilities operating company), can watch top-level Austrian handball from one of 1200 seats or 1100 standing places. Effective and pleasant lighting that works perfectly every time is therefore an essential prerequisite.

That is exactly why the local authorities in Hard, together with the Harder Sport- und Freizeitanlagen BetriebsgesmbH, decided to renew the lighting solution that dated from 2004. The project will be planned, implemented and supervised for the next ten years by Zumtobel Group Services, the new service unit of the Zumtobel Group, in cooperation with the VKW. All aspects are covered by the two partners, including everything from initial planning to the replacement of the lighting, the removal and disposal of the existing fittings, installation of the new solution and regular maintenance. The client therefore benefits from a lighting solution that is always right up to date and an experienced project management team that takes care of all issues related to lighting, as well as significant savings in terms of energy and maintenance costs. Thanks to the NOW financing model, a flexible light contracting offer from ZGS, these savings can be enjoyed as soon as the contract is agreed.

Everything from a single source

Erich Lindner, head of the Harder Sport- und Freizeitanlagen BetriebsgesmbH, explained: ‚ÄúThe NOW service contract gives us peace of mind and flexibility with the hall lighting for the coming years. The modernisation of the solution has given us such good light that we can now even make TV broadcasts in High Definition format, while different light scenarios help us respond to the respective requirements for everything from school events to training and championship matches. The maintenance services provided mean that we always have a state-of-the-art solution without having to worry about anything - a perfect combination.‚ÄĚ

New LED lighting delivers instant benefits

Until recently the sports venue had a hefty connected load of 72 kW, due largely to the regular use of almost 200 fittings equipped with 250 W or 400W metal halide lamps. The lighting above the playing area and the stands has been replaced with modern CRAFT LED high-bay luminaires from the Zumtobel brand and connected to the existing KNX lighting management system. Lowering the connected load by 30 kW to 42 kW has enabled a reduction in the annual energy consumption of around 89,000 kWh and facilitated savings of 4,8 tonnes of CO2 per year. The cutting-edge LED lighting has helped drastically shrink both the energy and maintenance costs. At the same time, annual maintenance and inspections carried out as part of the contract guarantee fixed illumination levels of between 360 and 2600 lx, depending on the particular scenario selected via the lighting management system.

In short, the agreement delivers improved light quality with lower energy consumption ‚Äď made possible by a turnkey solution that incorporates smart financing to save money from the very first month.

The old lighting in the Hard handball hall dated from 2004 and was equipped with metal halide lamps. The NOW financing model covers all services related to the improvement of the lighting. The operating company can therefore enjoy the benefits of a superior and more efficient LED lighting solution that saves money by reducing both energy consumption and maintenance costs.

The new lighting solution provides significantly better light quality and improved uniformity, meaning that for the first time TV broadcasts can be made from the arena in High Definition format.

For more information, check Zumtobel Group webpage.

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