Light & Engineering: si está interesado en la suscripción le informamos de la oferta

Light & Engineering es una reconocida revista científica internacional.

The International Editorial Board of «Light & Engineering» and the Russian editorial board of «SVETOTEKHNIKA» (the English and Russian language versions of our journal) would like to approach CIE National Committees and the National Lighting Societies of all interested countries with the following proposals:

1. "Light & Engineering" is an acclaimed scientific journal, part of Web of Science, Scopus and EBSCO databases, recognized as one of the world's top three lighting periodicals by a CIE review. The journal is an international lighting publication, which aims to publish research and design papers from a broad and contiguous spectrum of themes, from medicine to plasma physics; from theoretical physics to atmospheric lidar techniques; from plant cultivation under ground to earth exploration from space; and direct applications of light, how to illuminate and decorate spaces, how to emphasize art, how to create a high quality of living environment through the science of lighting engineering.

2. The journal invites publications of grant-based research, publicly and privately funded, by scientists and specialists, as well as postgraduate and doctoral students, and other authors recommended by the CIE National Committees or Country Lighting Technical Society. The research outcomes will have an international readership through Light & Engineering, and a further platform on the Russian lighting market through parallel publication in the Russian language version.

3. The Light & Engineering (Svetotekhnika) editorial office proposes to recognise the National Committee's support in expanding its subscriber base by paying the organisation 30% of the revenue secured form referral subscriptions. The subscription for the journal is carried out via our website.

The annual subscription in 2018 costs:

€135 - for individual subscribers, students,. graduate students and others; authors, published in the journal can receive an annual subscription at a discount of 20%

€280 - for universities and their libraries, commercial organizations, institutes and businesses.

We hope that you consider our proposals for collaboration and look forward to your reply.


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