Thorn puts the famous Arco della Pace in a tasteful new light

Led luminaires from Thorn are now illuminating the Arco della Pace, one of the most important neoclassical monuments in Milan.

Contrast 2 led floodlights deliver clean, precise and efficient illumination to highlight the fine architectural features of the Arch of Peace and enhance the visitor experience around one of the most famous historic sites in Milan.

A series of high-performance Contrast 2 led floodlights has been installed around the imposing ‚ÄúArch of Peace‚ÄĚ to pick out the intricate details and fine workmanship, improving the overall visitor experience and simultaneously saving resources by boosting efficiency.

The Arco della Pace brings together the past and the present in Milan. The granite construction with a marble finish symbolises the rich history and architectural heritage of the Lombardy regional capital, while at the same time representing an important focal point and meeting place for both residents and tourists. The Milanese authorities therefore wanted a new lighting solution that could deliver clean, precise and efficient illumination for both the monument and the surrounding area. The new installation needed to tastefully highlight the various architectural shapes and decorative elements, enhance the perception of the urban space and increase the feeling of safety for the public.

To ensure the best possible light orientation, 20 compact Contrast 2 fittings from Thorn have been installed on existing posts surrounding the Arco della Pace. This fully adjustable led floodlight is mounted on a bracket with a handy scale, which enables easy alignment and commissioning of the luminaires. A holographic optical filter creates a modified light beam that can be rotated on its axis and aligned parallel to the structure, helping to avoid parallax errors. The colour temperature of 3000 K, which really accentuates the warm pink tones of the marble, differs noticeably from the cooler colour temperatures normally used for public lighting. As a result, visitors can experience a monument that appears to be visually detached from its urban surroundings. 

Work on the Arco della Pace, designed by Luigi Cagnola in honour of Napoleon Bonaparte, was first started in 1807 and then promptly put on hold after the defeat of the French leader at Waterloo. The arch was finally finished in 1838 on the orders of Emperor Francis I of Austria and dedicated to the peace established between the European nations that attended the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The monument is topped by a bronze statue of the goddess of peace with a six-horsed chariot (Sestiga della Pace) sculpted by Abbondio Sangiorgio.

Product data:


  • Colour temperature: 3000K
  • Light distribution: 8¬į with the addition of a 5x30 elliptic optical filter
  • Housing: Die-cast aluminium EN AC 47100 DF in sanded silver grey (Akzo Nobel 150)
  • Glass: tempered with a thickness of 4mm
  • Gasket: EPDM
  • Screws: stainless steel
  • Holographic filter: PC sheet (2mm) plus PC holographic filter (0.27mm)
  • Frame of the holographic filter: die-cast aluminium EN AC 44100 KF in sanded silver grey
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